Combining our love of food and social justice, Yohana Solomon and I created Chow Club Atlanta, a unique dining experience that brings together adventurous eaters who want to meet new people and try new foods. At our monthly dinners, chefs from around the world share their cultures by serving their favorite dishes. To date, we've hosted 49 dinners and served more than 2100 guests. 


Chow Club dinner create community. Gather with old friends or meet new friends. No one remains strangers for long as you break bread together at our communal tables. 

How It Works: Chow Club members receive invitations to exclusive dinners with menus that can't be find elsewhere in Atlanta. After reviewing the menu online, they have an option to purchase seats to the dinner and receive the venue address. 


Visit the Chow Club website to view the menu for our next dinner and purchase tickets. To receive invitations to our dinners, sign up for our mailing list. 



Underground supper club showcases immigrant chefs

March 10, 2018

Yohana Solomon, originally from Ethiopia, and Atlanta resident Amanda Plumb instantly bonded over an interest in international food.

They met six years ago while Solomon was running a monthly pop-up food court event called the Atlanta Underground Market and Plumb was an attendee. The market would pop up with up to 20 vendors in a different secret location every month, including the Atlanta History Center and Atlantic Station. For a few dollars, visitors could try an array of small plates from emerging immigrant home chefs. The community of chefs and their admirers grew to 12,000 members.

Through this venture, Solomon connected Atlanta residents to chefs and entrepreneurs hoping to hone in their craft, while creating a pro-minority business model for them to grow their confidence and gain exposure.

A Night at Chow Club: The Joy of Eating with Strangers

May 03, 2018

If you're going to try Nigerian food for the first time, it might as well be with a table full of strangers in someone else's home.


This is the central idea behind "Chow Club".

Best Pop-Up Restaurants in Atlanta

May 28, 2023

Since 2016, Chow Club has brought immigrant home chefs to the forefront as part of their monthly supper clubs. The goal of the founders, Yohana Solomon and Amanda Plumb, is to help these chefs gain exposure and build a following so that they can one day pursue their restaurant dreams. Focusing on cuisines not typically represented in Atlanta’s dining scene, past events have featured chefs from Antigua, Venezuela, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. These events are members only, but anyone can join, and the location remains a secret until 24-hours beforehand.Read

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