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In true Amanda Plumb style, I celebrated my 40th birthday by bringing my loved ones together for a 4-day festival. I planned eight group activities around the Atlanta area, including a breakfast hike at Arabia Mountain, a scavenger hunt at Oakland Cemetery and an oyster roast.  All activities were outlined in The Official Guide to AMANDAPALOOZA. 

What was so "Amanda" about AMANDAPALOOZA? 

  • Creative: I created 3 interactive games designed to get participants working together and having fun

  • Resourceful: Coordinated over 20 volunteers who baked cakes, picked up guests at the airport, cooked crepes to order, roasted oysters, led a hike, emceed team trivia, and provided free housing for 16 out-of-town guests 

  • Inclusive: Most of the events were free for guests, kid-friendly, and dog-friendly. 

  • Fun: Like everything I do, AMANDAPALOOZA was a TON of fun. 

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