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Ethiopian/Korean Duet

In our first ever Chow Duet, chefs Yohana Solomon and Grace Kim combined their favorite Ethiopian and Korean flavors!

PA-JEON 파전  A Korean green onion omelet served with awaze, a spicy, savory Ethiopian sauce. Vegetarian. GF. Vegan Option: LENTIL SALAD አዚፋ Cooked lentil tossed with tomato, onion, jalapeños, garlic, lemon juice, and salt

BULGOGI  불고기 Thinly sliced ribeye beef, marinated in Korean family soy sauce, spices, fruit, and aromatics. GF Vegan Option: TOBU JORIM  두부간장조림 Fried & Braised Tofu in Soy-spice marinade. GF

ZILIL TIBS ዝልዝል ትብስ Strips of tender beef sauteed in butter, herbs, spices. Grilled and served with Awaze. GF. Vegan Option: INGUYDAI TIBS ኢንጉዳዮ ትብስ Mushroom marinated and grilled in garlic.

SSAM 쌈 Seasonal lettuces, foraged greens, steamed cabbage for wrapping. Vegan. GF.

SSAM JANG 쌈장 Traditional Korean BBQ & wrap sauce made with local honey, Kim Family fermented soybean paste, fermented red pepper paste, sesame seed oil, and aromatics. Vegan. GF.

KIMCHEE 김치 Seasonal fermented vegetables with chiles and garlic. Vegan. GF.

PAEJEORI NAMUL MOOCHIM 파절이 나물 무침 Green onion and wild greens salad. Vegan. GF.


Traditional Ethiopian flat bread made of teff flour. Vegan.

AWAZE እዋዜ A spicy Ethiopian seasoning paste made from berbere spice, ground bird's eye peppers, and honey mead. Vegan. GF.

SENAFICH ሰናፍጭ A spicy mustard sauce with a bit more liquid to it than western mustard and is used as a dipping sauce for meats. Vegan. GF.

COLLARD GREENS ጉመን  Finely chopped cooked collards massaged with spiced butter, mitmita (pepper), coriander. A popular dish in the Gurage region of Ethiopia. Vegan version available. GF

CABBAGE ትቅል ጉመን Shredded cabbage sautéed with onion, carrots, tomato, turmeric, garlic, and ginger. Vegan. GF.

PPOKGI 뽑기 Homemade sesame sugar candy. Vegan. GF.

SOLIP-SSENG GANG CHA 솔잎생강차 Pine needle ginger tea with pine nuts & honey. GF

BUNA ቡና Freshly roasted and brewed Ethiopian coffee. Vegan. GF.

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