Updated: Jun 28, 2018

You've never had Korean food like this before! Grace Kim foraged ingredients for her Korea-Southern fusion dinner!


Pa Jeon

mini green onion omelettes with a savory dipping sauce

(Urban Farm in Ormewood)


Soybean Sprout Soup with a Light Anchovy Broth.


Wild-harvested Supergreens Blanched Salad

(Urban Farm in Ormewood)

Summer Garden Napa and Young Greens Kimchee

(Augusta, GA)

White Watermelon Radish Kimchee from

(Grant Wallace & Carolyn Reis Farm, Conyers, GA)


Turkey Napa Cabbage Boats with Homemade Ssamjang

(a sauce made of fermented red pepper paste and fermented soybean paste mixed with honey and sesame oil).

Tofu Napa Cabbage Boats available.

with Brown Rice, Quinoa, and Sprouted Legume Pilaf


Grilled Rice Cake with Seasonal Local Fruit Compote

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