Pepper Soup

Pepper Soup, a beloved West-African delicacy, is a blend of indigenous spices simmered slowly for hours. Chef Onyenwe slowly sautés diced onion with Uda (a traditional Nigerian spice reminiscent of smoked cracked pepper), dried shellfish, Nchanwu leaf (Nigerian oregano), dried shellfish, a hint of chicken broth, boiled yam, cherry tomatoes and chicken.

Sweet Black Molasses Rub Sliders

Sweet Black Molasses Rub (SBM) sliders are a new phenomenon sweeping the Nigerian street food scene. Chef Onyenwe mixes his own SBM rub with ground beef and then flame broils the patties to enhance the molasses flavor. Sliders are served on Agege, a Nigerian bread that is oven-baked and then grilled to give it an extra crisp layer. With its smokey flavor, West-African spices and hint of sweetness, this is not your typical American burger!

Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup

After a labor-intensive process of transforming yam tubers into flour, it is delicately mixed with water and pounded into a dough. Egusi soup is made from the seeds of certain squashes, melons and gourds. Chef Onyenw sautés the ground seeds with flavorful oils, Nigerian spices, smoked salmon and leafy green vegetables. Fish and vegan options available.

Puff Puff

An authentic, traditional West African street snack, the freshly fried sugar dough with caramel and chocolate hazelnut!

Nigerian Zobo Drink

A Nigerian beverage made from dried Roselle (Hibiscus) flowers. This cold tea boasts many health benefits, including vitamin C, antioxidants and antibacterial properties.

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