Nigerian Brunch

Wellington Onyenwe, our favorite Nigerian chef is back, and this time he's cooking brunch!

Akamu and Buttered Agege Bread

Akamu (Igbo), also known as Ogi (Yoruba) or Pap is a staple of Nigerian breakfast. This smooth custard-like gem is made from fresh cornmeal and starch, boiled in hot water and folded with sweetened milk. It's distinctive slightly sour taste is balanced with fresh honey to give it a beautiful finish. It is served on fresh, oven-baked Nigerian Agege bread. Vegan option available upon request.


Àkàrà is a fritter made from mashed black-eyed peas seasoned with salt, chopped onions, and traditional Nigerian spices The mixture is molded into scone-like shapes and deep-fried in peanut oil. Please let us know if you have a nut allergy.


Sweet, ripened plantains lightly tossed with salt and traditional Nigerian spices (hints of ginger and uziza) and fried to perfection.

Eyin Ati Ayamase and Boiled Iṣu

A veggie sauce comprised of hand-picked peppers, onions and tomatoes rubbed with sea salt, curry and traditional spices; it is lightly sautéed in palm oil and folded with scrambled eggs with a hint of rosemary. Served with boiled white yam tubers and tossed with pink Himalayan salt and cracked pepper. Vegan available.

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