with Andrea George

May 3 & 4 —

Mango Citrus Tea

A toast to Antigua and Atlanta! The best of the tropics meets southern peach! My mango citrus tea pays homage to Antigua and Atlanta. This tasty tea combines the best of both worlds and incorporates mango juice with tropical flavors.

Goat Water

A flavorful stew served at parties and on special occasions. Tender chunks of goat simmered for hours with onions, thyme, bell pepper, celery, and garlic.

Vegan/GF: Grated, steamed pumpkin with an olive oil drizzle

Pineapple pepper salad

Pineapple is the national fruit and symbol of Antigua and is used in many ways, including salads and desserts. This salad is a bountiful mix of fresh, sweet, pineapple combined with bell peppers, cabbage, and parsley. Topped with a natural tropical citrus vinaigrette.

Island seafood platter

An Island Classic, this platter is comprised of three dishes: Island Provisions (steamed green bananas, yams, and sweet potato), Chop Up (cooked greens), and Salt Fish cooked in a tomato sauce.

Rum Raisin Bread pudding

No island trip is complete without some rum! For dessert enjoy a harmonious blend of rum soaked raisins incorporated in a rich bread pudding topped with a rum sauce drizzle. Vegan/GF: Guava “Cheese,” a sweet Guava paste served with fresh guavas.

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