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Bengali Chow

On February 24 & 25, we welcomed Chef Sukanya Kar Bhowmik to help us break in our new space. Her Bengali Chow was full of flavor and unique ingredients.

Dal Puri Flat Bread Primarily a street food, this flatbread is stuffed with moong dal and chana dal. It is flat-breaded like a pancake seasoned with turmeric and cumin and salt. Gluten-free version available.

Narkel diye Cholar Da Bengali Yellow Split Dal This Bengali version of the Indian lentil dish, chana dal, is a common dish inBengali households. Bengal gram lentils are cooked with coconut, cashews, raisins, ghee, mustard oil, ginger paste and a host of spices. GF. Vegan version (without ghee) available.

Lau Chingri Bottle Gourd with Shrimps Curry In this delicacy from West Bengal, bottle gourd is cooked with shrimp and a curry of ginger, tomato, green chillies, cumin seeds, bay leaf, turmeric, red chili powder, cumin, coriander, salt, sugar, and mustard oil. GF. Vegan version available

Loitta Shutkir Jhal Dry Bombay Duck Curry Bombay duck (also known as loitta fish) is a fish from the tropical areas of the Indo-Pacific. Bengali families prepare this delicate fish in a variety of dishes. In this preparation, is a dry loitta fish stir fry, the fish is cooked with aloo (potato), begoon (eggplant), moola (long pink radish), sheem (broad beans), phoolkopi (cauliflower), tomato, onion, green chili and spices. Vegan version available

Enchorer Torkari Jackfruit Curry In this Bengali-style curry enchor (young jackfruit) is cooked in mustard oil and mixed with potatoes and a gravy of onions, ghee, garlic, ginger, tomato, cumin, red chili powder, turmeric, garam masala, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and bay leaf. GF. Vegan version (without ghee) available. Sugondhi Bhaat Flavored Steamed Rice Boiled aromatic rice tempered in ghee with freshly shredded coconut, mustard seeds, cardamom, cinnamon stick, whole black pepper, curry leaves, salt and sugar according to taste. Vegan version (without ghee) available.

Lau Er Khosha Bhaja Bottle Gourd Peel Stir Fry Nothing goes to waste with this humble side dish. The peels from the bottle gourd used in the Lau Chingri, will be tossed with slices of potato and sauteed in mustard oil, Kalonji (aka black onion or nigella seeds), green chilies, poppy seeds, dried red curry, and Haldi (turmeric powder). GF and Vegan.

Chalta’r Tok

Elephant Apple Chutney Known as “chalta” in West Bengal, “ou tenga” in Assam, and “karambel” in Nepali and Hindi, elephant apples are native to Asian countries. This chutney, which is cooked with green chilies and mustard paste, is made in every household in Bengal. GF and Vegan.

Kheertua Sweet Cottage Cheese Dumplings A popular sweet dessert of Tripura, India, kheertua (or “khirtowa”), is made of small round Rosogollas (boiled cottage cheese balls soaked in sugar syrup) and poured into thick boiled milk. Vegan dessert available.

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