Gullah Geechee Chow

After 467 days, we're finally back! And who better to relaunch Chow Club with than our favorite Gullah Geechee chef, Pamela Jones-Mack! And we tried out a new venue — Underground Atlanta!

Marinated Shrimp w/ Summer Veggies

This simply dressed yet refreshing dish is comprised of plump shrimp marinated with olive oil, lime, lime juice, garlic, fresh herbs, onions, & carrots.

Southern Summer Succotash

This dish is SUMMER in a bowl! A combination of tomatoes, sweet corn, sweet onions, okra, and lima beans in a smoky broth.

Gullah Spiced Fried Chicken

Succulent fried Chicken spiced with Pamela's very own Gullah Geechee Spice! Fried chicken is at the heart of any Gullah meal, so we had to include it!

Chicken Perlow

This dish has been passed down from generation to generation and the spelling varies depending upon who you talk to. This dish is prepared with the chicken, rice, vegetables & the broth from which the chicken was cooked in.

Lima Beans with Smoked Turkey

Pam used to pick lima beans as a kid on her family farm. They are so buttery and fresh... taste like summer. For extra flavor, Pamela pairs hers with smoked turkey.

Homemade Macaroni Cheese

Pamela makes it the way her family has been making it for generations — by combining various cheeses and more butter than the law allows.

Charleston Chewies w/ Roasted Benne Seeds

Everyone seems to have their own recipe for Charleston, SC's signature dessert. The only thing all of the recipes have in common is a stick of butter, a box of brown sugar, and whatever nut you want to use. Pamela flavors her chewies with a Gullah staple, benne (sesame) seeds.

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