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Nigerian-Japanese Chow

East meets West Africa in Chef Wellington's Nigerian-Japanese Chow!

We know Chef Wellington for his Nigerian cuisine and his recent win on Food Network’s Supermarket Stakeout, but what you may not know is that he spent much of his younger years training in martial arts. In fact, he spent years going back and forth to Korea to study Taekwondo, Judo and Hapkido/Yongmudo. On his trips, he frequently had stopovers, including Japan, where he fell in love with the cuisine. For years, he’s had an idea rattling in the back of his head to reinterpret Japanese dishes with Nigerian ingredients. He finally brought this Nigerian-Japanese fusion menu to life on January 19 & 20, 2024.

Re-Imagined Puffed-Puff Dusted w/Powdered Sugar, Fall Spice and Nigerian Cacao. Kuromitsu Drizzle 

A popular West African street snack, puff-puff are traditionally fried dough. For his re-imagined “puffed-puff", Chef Wellington is using a yeasty tapioca dough. This gluten-free batter yields an airy, layered pastry rather than the traditionally dense batter. A drizzle of Kuromitsu (Japanese black honey) compliments the hints of fall spices in this simple and  freshly fried treat. GF and Vegan

Jollof Shrimp Nigiri w/ Ewedu “Roe” and Bayelsa Aioli

Jollof rice topped with flash grilled Yakiniku shrimp. Served with “roe” from ewedu (Nigerian jute leaves) and a homemade aioli, inspired by the Southern state of Bayelsa. GF. Vegan Substitute: Nori (Seaweed)

Ugiri Saladu (Nigerian Wild Mango Salad) w/ Roasted Coconut Yaki Onigiri (Crispy Rice Balls)

Wild mango tossed  with pickled red onion, mixed peppers, and Nigerian herbs and seasonings to create a refreshing salad. Served with a yaki onigiri, crispy Japanese rice balls, made with coconut-infused rice and shredded, toasted coconut flakes. GF, Vegan 

Nigerian Inspired Tsukemen 

Tsukemen is a thick ramen that is served cold and dipped into a warm soup or broth. Wellington recreates tsukemen with Nigerian ingredients: cassava noodles, Edo-Benin style Nigerian tomato pepper soup; chashu (Japanese braised pork belly) with Suya spice; a tempered egg infused with Agoyin stew (a blend of onions, red pepper, palm oil, and spices); Ewa Agoyin (a spicy dish made from mashed beans and more Agoyin stew); and Efo Riro Greens. GF. Vegan option: Tofu Suya

“As Seen On TV” Nigerian Cacao Mousse Au Chocolat Parfait w/ Matcha Dusted Campfire Spiced Granola

A hot chocolate inspired Mousse Au Chocolat infused with Nigerian cacao, along with Igbo earth spiced flavor profiles. Served with matcha dusted campfire granola and Pocky sticks GF.  Vegan Option: Coconut Milk Base

About Chef Wellington

While his mother and grandmother taught him about cooking Nigerian food, Wellington was surrounded by mentors from other cuisines. He honed his culinary skills apprenticing with renowned German chef Chef Thomas Schaefe and working  alongside chefs at Chez Panisse, Yoshi's SF/Oakland, and  L'Ermitage Five Star Hotel/Restaurant Beverly Hills. As a toxicologist and graduate of Molecular Toxicology and Food Additives at the University of California-Berkeley, Chef Wellington knows food down to the molecule!

With his company ShamisoFoods, Wellington specializes in  West African and Caribbean cuisine, But he loves to fuse  elements of Latin, Italian, North American, Asian, French and German cuisines into his dishes. You can find him popping up at events across Atlanta and catering events small and large.  Earlier this year, Chef Wellington competed in (and won) Food Network’s Supermarket Stakeout! So be sure to watch Season 5, Episode 9; “Oodles and Stacks and Cups, Oh My!”

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