Poke Night!

Poke (pronounced poh-keh) is a classic Hawaiian pupu, or snack. Meaning “to cut crosswise into pieces,” poke is a raw fish salad that’s ubiquitous at family gatherings, parties, tailgates, and supermarket delis across the Hawaiian islands. Ken’s version of the dish is heavily influenced by Japanese cuisine.

First Course

Poke Balls

Avocado, spicy tuna and rice stuffed into a purri puff served with avocado salad, eel sauce, spicy mayo, wasabi mayo, and beet ginger miso sauce.

Veggie Poke Balls available.

Second Course

Crab Croquettes

Crab croquettes covered in spicy teriyaki and wasabi mayo

Veggie Option: Furikake Arancini balls covered in eel sauce, spicy mayo

Third Course

Poke Bowls

A raw fish salad with seasoned tuna, salmon, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, cucumber, avocado, radish sprouts, seaweed, eel sauce, spicy mayo, and pickled ginger.

Veggie Option: Tofu Poke bowl

Fourth Course

Mango Mochi Ice Cream

A small, round dessert ball consisting of a soft, pounded sticky rice cake (mochi) formed around a mango ice cream filling.

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