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Latin-Caribbean Chow

June 23 & 24

Chef Andrew “Drew” Bernadine grew up in the Bronx, the son of a Jamaican father and a Honduran mom. On Sundays, he helped his grandma cook for the church. She’d wake up at 4am to bake fresh bread. It was a lot of work, but he saw how much respect her cooking garnered. Drew’s mom sat him in front of “Food Network” where he fell in love with the popular chefs of the time – Emeril, Mario, and Alton Brown.

His family moved to Atlanta in 1999. Right after high school he started cooking in restaurants and stayed in the industry for about a decade. He was working at Season 52 and True Food Kitchen when the Pandemic hit. When the restaurants closed, Drew knew it was time for him to strike out on his own.

“I always wanted to be a professional chef – get my ideas out there. I’d worked on everyone else’s dream, not my own. I wanted to be in front, be in charge, my vision.”

He started selling plates by posting on Instagram and Facebook. After a few weeks, a patron asked Drew to cater a birthday dinner. It was his first gig as a private chef. During his first pop-up at the Peachtree Road Farmers Market, his breakfast waffle sandwiches were such a hit that they sold out.

Drew’s culinary voice reflects both his Latin-Caribbean roots, his childhood in New York, and his time cooking in professional kitchens. Under his brand, Cooks with Passion, Chef Drew creates custom menus for clients featuring sustainably-sourced ingredients and elevated plating.

Today Chef Drew is the full-time, private chef for Atlanta-based rapper, 21 Savage.

Oxtail Coco Buns

Braised Oxtail Stuffed into Coco Bread

Coco bread is a Caribbean favorite akin to Wonder Bread in American culture or brioche to the French. Oxtails are a Jamaican delicacy of tender meat with rich flavors brought out through the cooking process, making it a passionate dish to prepare. My Caribbean-Latin parents love their native food. I remember growing up in the Bronx, waiting outside our local Jamaican restaurant for mom’s beloved oxtails and my father’s favorite, red snapper. My younger palate wasn’t ready for such developed flavors. But as usual, my mom knew exactly what I would be into, and it was the coco bread- beef patty combination. My dish is inspired by the smell of those trips to eat a piece of heritage with my family.

Vegan Option: Mushroom Coco Buns

Gluten-Free Option: Braised Oxtail in Lettuce Cups

Walking Tamale

Pulled Chicken in ancho chile sauce, w/ lettuce & pico de gallo, wrapped in a crispy masa pocket

The tamale is a special dish usually prepared on holidays but also sold in Latin markets any time of the year. A tamale is a corn husk- steamed corn dough that may house proteins such as pulled pork or chicken. My grandmother was famous in the Bronx for her tamales. She would prepare 100 or more at a time and sell them off to her family and friends. This gluten-free dish is similar to a Latin pot pie with a light, fluffy corn interior that is deep-fried, then stuffed with everything you need.

Gluten-Free. Vegan Option: Cauliflower Walking Tamale

Crispy Red Snapper Filet

Served w/ pickled vegetables, creamy coconut rice, and plantain fries

My Honduran and Jamaican background inspires me to fuse flavors. Freshly-sourced ingredients -- citrus, and spice, delicate and crispy textures describe the cuisines of my childhood. My father’s favorite, Red Snapper, is a mild-flavored, light & flaky fish. The sides are my take on traditional classics that were a staple in my household.

Gluten-Free option: Grilled Red Snapper

Vegan Option: Grilled vegetables

Mango Water-Ice

Classic mango-infused Italian-style ice

On a summer day in New York, there’s one thing that’s never hard to find, the Icee Truck. The vendors chant their enticing offer of mouthwatering flavors. Mango is a juicy staple that is popular in both Latin and Caribbean communities. This vegan-friendly, gluten-free treat is not only a go-to on a hot day but also a great palate cleanser after spiced dishes.

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