Nigerian Chow



— November 5 & 6 —

Nigerian Lemon Spiced Soft-Chin

Chin Chin is a wheat flour-based dough that is deep-fried to crunchy perfection. Wellington’s “soft-chin”is infused with West African Rough Skinned Lemon.

Ofe Ọ́kụ̀rụ̀

The predecessor to what we call “gumbo,” this okra stew starts with a base is ground seafood and shellfish broth folded with okra and spinach.


Wellington’s plantain soufflé mash is a sweet accompaniment to his okra soup.

Grilled Akpodim Spiced Beef Cutlet Skewer

Wellington’s Akpodim blend is a curated selection of spices indigenous to his hometown of Akpodim in Imo, Nigeria. It’s peppery, earthy, and slightly sweet.

Firewood Jollof Rice

This rice dish begins with a blend of fried and then stewed tomatoes, Nigerian spices and herbs, and various peppers reduced to a puree.

Chicken Suya

In addition to using his signature Yaji/Suya Spice as a rub for the chicken, Wellington sprinkles more on after the chicken comes off the grill.

Garri Chocolate Truffles

These truffles pair chocolate with garri (cassava flakes) and a hint of Ògógóró, Nigerian Palm Wine. Sample powdered sugar, chocolate, & chocolate with peanuts.

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