Trinidadian Chow

We're so excited to welcome Chef Marlena Joseph into the kitchen for our first Trinidadian Chow. Marlena is no stranger to Chow Club. She's worked alongside her partner, Nigerian chef Wellington Onyenwe, but this is the first time we've gotten to try her food!

Garlic Pepper & Herb Fried Channa

Chickpeas fried to a golden crunch and lightly kissed with salt, toasted garlic, and cracked pepper, and then finished with freshly picked assorted herbs from the garden.

Savory Pholourie w/ Tamarind Chutney

These puffs are made of ground split pea flour carefully folded with roasted geera (cumin), garlic, turmeric and chadon benni (culantro). WIth a homemade sweet and sour tamarind chutney.


Made from bark of the mauby tree (a small tree native to the northern Caribbean and south Florida) and brown sugar. You’ll taste hints of anise and cinnamon offering an initially root-beer-like sweet taste.

Grandma’s Sunday Lunch

  • Blue Crab dusted in a Trini spice blend and slow-steamed

  • Callaloo, a tender African stew made from dasheen leaves.

  • Macaroni Pie folded with more than 6 cheeses

  • Sweet Plantains flavored with Smoked Black Molasses Rub.

Sugar Cake

Coconut flakes and caster sugar are molded into little mounds and baked.

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