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Trinidadian Chow


Chef Marlena Joseph

— December 3 & 4 —

Trinidadian Corn Soup

With the textures of the warm rich broth, chewy dumplings, crunchiness of the ground provisions and aromatic spices, it’s no wonder this soup satisfies regardless of the reason you choose to indulge!

Trinidadian Doubles

One can find a Doubles vendor on what seems to be every Trinidadian street corner. Customers can also tailor their order by adding an assortment of chutneys - some sweet, some savory - to the curried channa.

Dhal and Rice

Handed down by the Indian ancestors, dhal is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. It’s made with split peas, cumin, garlic, and turmeric. Trinidadians have, of course, added hot peppers and native spices.

Brown Stew Chicken and Avocado

This meal was cooked at least once a week in my childhood home.

I remember coming through the front door after school and being welcomed by the smells of tangy lemon and sweet brown sugar.

Vegan: Sweet Potato and Carrots

White Oak Rum Genoise Mini Bundt

An African diasporic twist to a classic Italian favorite. Think soft & supple sponge cake, moderately doused with Trinidadian White Oak rum. This item is served alongside a rum baba style reduction for drizzling.

Flambe'd Spiced Pineapple as Vegan Option.

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